Ever since its inception in 2016, Menerva Software has been in the business of simplifying problems for startups, SMBs and enterprises across different industries by leveraging advanced data analytics solutions. With operations in the US and India, this boutique data analytics consulting firm has successfully implemented AaaS (Analytics as a Service) solutions for sectors like healthcare, retail, fintech and social media, to name a few.

For Menerva Software, being a solutions provider means helping their clients solve problems in a sustainable & scalable manner.We asked Geetha Ramaswamy, Co-Founder, Menerva Software,

to elaborate on the factors that their clients look at when evaluating service providers, and what creates significant differentiation. She says, “Most of the clients typically have three common pain points – the turnaround time of the solutions provider is not optimum, the solutions offered are not cost-effective and finally the solutions offered are not scalable in nature. Sometimes, it could be a combination of these pain points as well. At Menerva, we assure our clients that time management, cost effectiveness and scalability are basic hygiene parameters, and we work towards what’s next! So the entire focus shifts towards providing customised solutions for our clients through applications, AI based automations, workflow transformations, software solutions and so on.”

Citing specific examples of how Menerva has tackled problem solving for their clients, Geetha mentions a Fintech client who wanted to eliminate the manual processing of block trades that was cumbersome, prone to errors and a huge drain on productivity. Menerva implemented a rebalancing software that could provide a single view of the data to be used for processing, thereby eliminating the need of manually going over & reconciling data points. The solution led to a 97% improvement in Productivity & 100% reduction in errors.

Talking about developing scalable solutions, Geetha cites an example of developing an AI driven recommendation engine to create relevant content for users of a niche social media platform catering to

associations only. Menerva combined deterministic & collaborative filtering algorithms with factors like recency of content & frequency of access to develop an AI engine that automated the process of periodically generating content recommendation. The nature of the AI was such that it took into account the continuous flow of new data, ensuring that the solution was equally effective as it scaled, given the large & ever growing pool of data on any social media platform.

Client testimonials are the proof of the professionalism Menerva Software brings to the table. One of their key clients,Viral Nation says, “Menerva has brought our vision to life by building our Influencer

marketing software from the ground up. Bringing our ideas to life from design to data, analytics, and architecture. With the Social Media Marketing landscape rapidly changing, Menerva has been able to not only accommodate our requests every step of the way but provide data processing and insight solutions for various platforms. We look forward to working with Menerva for all future projects. Thank you to the whole Menerva team for your dedication and hard work no matter how big or small the project is.”

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