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Vendor Showcase: Kahaniyah

The power of storytelling! “Kahaniyah is our address for not just what we do, but for who we really are,” states Debleena Majumdar, who co-founded the company along with Venkat Subramanian.  The  duo enjoy storytelling and started to apply it… Continue Reading →

How Do Firms with Rich Historical Data Monetize Their Data Assets

Data Monetization One of the characteristics of Industry 4.0 technologies such as Internet of Things is the volume of data it has put into the hands of businesses. The data available is not only generated from within the various operations… Continue Reading →

Vendor Showcase: RainMan Consulting

“Accountability for marketing and sales spends is a topic that dominates every board room discussion,” opines Balu. V. At a global level, while companies do gain marketing inputs that is responsible for building sales and brand equity, there is scope… Continue Reading →

Vendor Showcase: Loyalytics Consulting

Loyalytics Consulting, is a data science and technology company, which focuses on helping organisations change the way they do business. In the words of Ahmar Abdullah, CEO & Co-Founder, Loyalytics Consulting, “AI is going to play a massive role in… Continue Reading →

Emerging Markets for Analytics Service Providers

Where should one look for a Data Science/ Analytics vendor? Learn the pros and cons of engaging a vendor from emerging geographies especially with the changed dynamics of the post-pandemic world. The world in which we live today has been… Continue Reading →

Pros and Cons of Working With Multiple Vendors in the Analytics Space

As a company looking to engage external vendors for your data analytics needs, you can choose between a single or multiple vendor approach. Here are all the pros and cons of both the approaches that you need to know. The Data… Continue Reading →

Analytics Genie- Value proposition to Vendors

Analytics Genie- Value proposition to Clients

Vendor Showcase: Menerva Software

Ever since its inception in 2016, Menerva Software has been in the business of simplifying problems for startups, SMBs and enterprises across different industries by leveraging advanced data analytics solutions. With operations in the US and India, this boutique data… Continue Reading →

Common Mistakes Clients Make While Building A Data Science Capability

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